Application of 1 inch wide aluminum strip

1 inch wide aluminum strip,thin aluminum strips uses many, such as aluminous model multiple tube, cable, optical cable, transformer, heater, blinds, etc.

thin aluminum strips
thin aluminum strips

Corrosion resistance of 1060 requirements and formability are high, but the strength requirement is not high, the chemical equipment is its typical application

1100 aluminum strip is used for processing needs good formability and high corrosion resistance but does not require a high intensity of component parts, such as chemical products, food industry equipment and storage containers, mechanical parts, deep drawing of sheet or spinning concave ware, welding part, heat exchanger, printing plate, nameplate, reflective apparatus

3004 aluminum strip, plate, stretch pipe. Extruded tube can be used as long as the whole aluminum cans tanks, demanded higher than 3003 alloy strip, chemical products production and storage equipment, plate processing, construction, cable pipes, sewer pipes, all kinds of spare parts of lamps and lanterns.

3003 board. Strip. The foil. Thick plate, stretch pipe. Extruded tube. Type. Great. Wire rod. Cold working steel bars, cold wire, rivet wire, forgings, foil, heat sink material is mainly used for processing need good formability, high corrosion resistance, or solderability good parts, or requires both these performance need to 1 * * * series alloy high strength artifacts, such as the transportation of liquid tank and tank, pressure tank, storage device, heat exchanger, chemical equipment, aircraft fuel tank, oil pipe, reflector, kitchen equipment, washing cylinder, rivet and soldering wire.

5052 aluminum strip the alloy has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, can candle, fatigue strength, medium static strength, used to make airplane oil tank, oil pipe, as well as the transportation vehicles, ships, sheet metal parts, instrument, lamps stent and rivet, metal products, etc

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