Capacity and Consumption of Aluminum Strip Used in Automotive Radiator in China

Colored aluminum strip
aluminium strip

The application and development of aluminum heat exchanger in automobile as well as production and demand of aluminum strip used in Chinese heat exchanger.Except for application in automotive radiator, aluminum alloy composites is widely used in the field of train,engineering vehicle,special vehicle,refrigerator car,large locomotive,airplane,air conditioner,oil pressure device,oxygen-making machine,air separation device,hydrocarbon separation device,liquefaction evaporation device of natural gas.It is expected that the demand on composite aluminum sheet strip for heat transferring in China will be more than 150,000 tons in 2017.
Heat transfer of composite aluminum strip with a Al Mn alloy as the core material, double coating thickness is 10% Al Si solder alloy, composite made by hot rolling technology, is a new type of high performance Aluminum Alloy highest grade aluminum processing products, with high technical content, high value-added features. This kind of sandwich structure composite aluminum strip with light weight, corrosion resistance, good solderability, good thermal conductivity, easy machining, tasteless, environmental protection and low cost, widely used in automobile air conditioner, cooler, oil cooler, heater and air separation equipment, electrical components, radiator hand dryer, air heat exchanger brazing type heat exchanger, it requires not only have excellent surface quality, shape and precise size and smooth, and the requirements of uniform microstructure and good formability, especially for coating uniformity and welding requirements are extremely stringent. 1 domestic and foreign heat transfer composite aluminum strip production situation at present the country all over the world production of heat transfer composite aluminum foil with Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, the United States, Canada, Japan, Austria, Chinese, the total production capacity of about 680 thousand T

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