Effect of AL-Mg-Si Aluminum Alloy 6063 strip

6063 Aluminum strip is AL-Mg-Si system with moderate strength alloy. It can be heat strengthened, industrial aluminum profile summary Mg and Si is the main alloying elements, and the main work is to determine the chemical composition of the preferred percentage of Mg and Si. 6063 is the main element in the preparation of Mg-Si alloy, the content of each element has a certain range, and the price of magnesium is high. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the magnesium content with less to a minimum allowed. Some What is more, the content of magnesium content lower than minimum allowed. There’s plant in Canada alloy scrap wire and scrap aluminum pan basin waste, not to mention the 6063 basic. That is why aluminum is one of several thousand dollars cheaper reasons.

Aluminum Alloy 6063 strip
Aluminum Alloy 6063 strip

Regular aluminum factory, in the preparation of the alloy composition, have internal standards, that is, within the scope of the various elements in each plant have their own range of smaller changes, the ratio between the aluminum, magnesium, silicon three requirements are very strict, Each plant has its own data, mutual confidentiality. Made of an alloy recipe qualified to ensure the quality, or how the future processing,quality do not increase.

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