Process integration in the rolling of aluminium strip

Aluminium strip is a aluminium roll cutting processing formation of aluminum processing products. In industry is an important raw material.

Process integration in the rolling of aluminium strip
Process integration in the rolling of aluminium strip

According to the aluminum alloy with contains original belong to different, aluminium strip and aluminum plate the same also divided into eight series. But at present commonly used series for 1000300 0500, and 8000 series.
According to the aluminium strip annealing condition is different, aluminum belt can be divided into full soft (o state) half hard (H24) full hard (h18). The most commonly used should belong to the whole soft series, because O state is easier to tensile, bending.
Aluminium strip main processing equipment is article points unit, can according to need is divided into need length, width. Of course article points processing equipment is general, also can carry on the processing of copper coil, processing out product called copper strip.
The international for electronic products of raw materials is no longer purely rely on copper strip, due to the aluminum conductive performance only less than copper, so ribbon replace copper strip is becoming international a kind of popular trend.
The classification of the aluminum alloy aluminium strip with categories: pure aluminium strip, transformer ribbon, superhard aluminium strip, full soft ribbon, half hard aluminum belt, antirust aluminium strip

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