Notes in the production process of aluminum circle

With the widespread use of aluminum products, aluminum circle product can be seen in many aspects of our lives. Many companies began to produce aluminum discs, so as to meet the needs of the market. If a manufacturer want to standing out of the market, the quality of aluminum circle is the first considered key problem. Only qualified products can track customers and won high reputation, and takes success of the career. While processing the aluminum circle, there are some notes should be considered, with years manufacture experience, Haomei aluminum summarize the notes, now we will share them to you.

aluminum circle

Firstly, the size of the aluminum circle in the cold rolling process must be accurate. The length and width must meet the requirements of customers, try the best to control the diagonal tolerance between 1-2mm. Secondly, the most common problem in the production process is the phenomenon of scratches, so when the production of aluminum circles, in the process of rolling there will be friction with the shearing machine feed mouth, there are scratches affect the appearance, if the customers’ requirements of the surface quality are very high, it is recommended to roll after the coating process, but the cost may be higher. Thirdly, in the production process there may occur the shear knife is not sharp phenomenon which led to the edge of the aluminum circle is not neat, for these problems, we proposed to use new processing equipment or go to large-scale processing enterprises for production.

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