3003 Aluminum Coil As Battery Cover For Cell Phone

How much do you know about your cell phone? You may change a phone every two years and have used a dozen phones of different brands, but you may not have idea about their composition. Take the battery for example. Has it ever occurred to you that aluminum coil serves as its cover?

The most frequently used aluminum coil type for battery cover is 3003. As the most widely applied aluminum product of good anti-rusting property, its hardness is only a little stronger than series 1. It can not be strengthened by heat treatment, thus cold working serves as an usual method in increasing its mechanical property. It’s of good plasticity at annealed condition, less plasticity at semi-cold working hardening condition and least at cold working hardening condition.

Coil Aluminum, Coil aluminum for bottle caps

What characteristics of 3003 aluminum coil make it a perfect candidate for cell phone battery cover? As a frequently touched item, a cell phone must possess the primary property of anti-corrosion. In hot summer people sweat easily and there is great chance for sweat to be left on cell phones. Each year cell phone maintenance centers receive numerous cases from people who drop their cell phones into water or even toilet stink-pots. If not equipped with anti-corrosive components, these phones go rust quickly even if being repaired. 3003 aluminum coil is just known for its excellent anti-corrosion property, and is widely used in areas of relative requirements. The second feature of 3003 is its satisfying plasticity, which enables cell phone manufacturers to process it into desired shapes. Third, cell phone battery covers should be strong enough to resist possible shocks and pressure from accidents. 3003 aluminum coil can perfectly meet these requirements.

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