Advantages of Aluminum Circle for Cookware

A general study shows that half of the cookware in the world are made of aluminum circle, which boasts extraordinarily high heat conductivity of 93%, three times of stainless steel and cast iron. Aluminum circle beats other materials as raw material for cookware because its chemical and physical properties are perfect for manufacturing and usage of cookware. Besides, heat conductivity and thermostability of aluminum circle can be greatly improved during manufacturing process of cookware.

aluminum circle

Aluminum circle for cookware has good tensile strength, enabling workers to make it into cookware of various shapes and sizes. It’s also endowed with excellent machinability and grindability. Finished cookware has no problems like uneven surface, scratches and pressed marks. Besides, Aluminum circle for cookware is of satisfying corrosion resistance. To improve anti-rust ability of the circle, workers add the element of manganese to aluminum. Meanwhile, this enhances its formability and melting property. In addition to tensile strength, shrinkage performance contributes a lot to the quality of finished cookware as well. It plays an important role in deciding size and crack forming of cookware. Inappropriate sizes of lids make them unsuitable for sale because they do not match the pots. Aluminum circle, with medium hardness and strong formability, withstands size changes well. The circle does not crack while being processed into cookware, for its shrinkage force is far less than connecting force among metal grains. What’s more, aluminum manganese alloy demonstrates outstanding gas tightness. Its freezing size is so small that the air holes are small, too, which results in good gas tightness.

Aluminum circle with manganese has good tensile strength, excellent machinability, satisfying corrosion, perfect shrinkage performance and outstanding gas tightness. These properties make it ideal raw material for cookware. Haomei Aluminum, with decades of manufacturing experience and over then years of exporting history, enjoys popularity with clients around the world. Welcome to contact us at or wechat/whatsapp 0086 158 3802 9491 for more information!

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