Aluminum Coil Stock Suppliers

Haomei Aluminium is one of the aluminum coil stock suppliers in China, we supply high quality 1060 and 3003 aluminum coil in stock. Aluminum coil product has a more beautiful appearance, elegant appearance, and can also be better resistant to scratches, longer corrosion resistance, and longer service life. Cast rolled aluminum coils are generally melted with aluminum, and then smelted into billets of aluminum coils, and then used cold rolling mills, direct rolling, you need to use rolling oil to coat the surface of the coils, and you can directly roll them without heating twice.

aluminum coil stock suppliers

When we are choosing aluminum coil stock suppliers on the market, there are some method for use to inspect the quality of the aluminum coil in stock:
1, Look at the flatness of the aluminum coil. The flatter the better. The flatness of the aluminum coil is affected by the aluminum coil sleeve: the aluminum coil with the paper sleeve is bent and angled, no waste, better flatness, and the price is slightly higher. The flatness of aluminum coils with aluminum sleeves is lower than that of paper sleeves, and some waste may be generated when unwinding and finishing. The weight of the entire aluminum coil includes the weight of the aluminum sleeve, but the the aluminum sleeve can be recycled.
2, Look at the glossiness of the aluminum coil, the brighter the aluminum coil, the better.
3, The aluminum coil stock may be scratched during transportation and use. The aluminum coil with film laminated can effectively avoid these problems. The filmed aluminum coil is covered during production, the film is a very thin layer, the thickness is generally about 6 microns. The price of aluminum coil with film of aluminum coil stock suppliers is about the same as that of unf-ilmed aluminum coils. The film has only a very thin layer and the weight will be included in the aluminum coil.

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