Requirements of aluminum coil for storage environment

Aluminum coils storage is not properly, there will be deformation, discoloration, corrosion and other accidents, affecting the normal use. So, how to store the aluminum coil properly?

1, Requirements of aluminum coil for storage environment. Aluminum coil should be stored in a constant temperature, dry and humidity indoor environment, in order to ensure that aluminum coil will not be oxidized due to water discoloration. Many users on the aluminum coil roll surface brightness requirements are very high, if the aluminum coil surface oxidation, will lose the original luster, so must pay attention to.

2, Arrangement of aluminium coil is often ignored, in fact, this is also very important. The aluminum coil placed on the floor, near the ground humidity is bigger than the space above, will make the aluminum coil damp oxidation, and prone to scratches. So the aluminum volume between wooden interval, more conducive to ventilation, make the aluminum coil is not easy to damp.

3, The user gets the aluminum coil, must not rush to open the packaging, first put the aluminum coil in a well ventilated place for 3 days, let aluminum coil inside and outside the temperature difference balance, and then open the package use. This can ensure that the aluminum volume will not be too large due to the temperature difference from water vapor, so as to ensure the quality of the aluminum coil.

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