Aluminium foil for cooking

  Aluminium cooking foil, also called aluminium foil for cooking, is a piece of paper made of flattened metal aluminum. It is mainly used for food cooking and containing in the kitchen or for making simple and clean materials. Hundreds of thousands of tons of aluminium foil rolls are used worldwide to protect and package food, cosmetics and chemicals. Most aluminum foil is shiny on one side and dull on the other. The aluminum foil paper used for cooking can wrapped on both sides of the food. Generally, it is recommended to wrap it with a bright surface to improve the heat transfer effect.

  Aluminium cooking foil is light in weight, good in ductility, and low in price, thus is a kitchen standing product widely used in daily life. Aluminum foil has bright and matte surfaces. The matte side takes in heat and you need to make it to face the heat source in cooking, and the bright surface can reflect the heat energy, and you can wrap the ingredients with the bright side inward for cooking. Some foods (eg sweet potatoes, edible mushrooms, etc.) must be wrapped in aluminum foil to avoid burning. Seafood and oyster mushrooms are also cooked in aluminium foil to retain their flavors.

aluminium foil for cooking

  Another use of aluminium foil for cooking is in the oven. Round ingredients such as pineapple bread and small meals are wrapped in aluminium foil before being fed into the oven, for they are prone to scorch with the inner unheated if these food materials are directly baked in the oven. Wrapping them with the bright side inward, since the heat conductivity of this side is better, can have foods heated evenly inside and outside. In the baking process, the heat source of the oven is transmitted to the aluminum foil paper and then to the food, so that the food and the aluminum foil paper are sealed in the sandwich to generate water vapor and hot air, and the food can be evenly heated.

  The household aluminium foil has a use unrelated to cooking in the kitchen. As known to all, after the ginger and garlic are put on the grinding plate and ground into mud, residues are always stuck in the small hole of the grinding plate, which is troublesome to clean and easy to cut hands. Here if you have a piece of aluminum cooking foil laid on the grinding plate with the bright side facing upwards and then ground these ingredients on it, the problem will be solved. The aluminum foil is well-shaped and flattened on the grinding plate. The convex part of the grinding plate will make the aluminum foil have sharp edges and corners, which is very convenient for grinding mud.

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