Aluminum Foil Food Grade 10 microns

Haomei Aluminium produces aluminum foil food grade 10 microns environmentally friendly and sanitary, mainly 3003, 8011, 8021 and 8079 aluminum foil. Haomei Aluminum is a professional food grade aluminum foil manufacturer, all types of food grade aluminum foil produced have undergone multiple tests such as bacteria and mold, and the heavy metal does not exceed 0.25 parts per million. It strictly implements industry standards and meets food-grade aluminum foil standards, which is harmless to humans.

aluminum foil food grade 10 microns

Aluminum foil for food-grade packaging is safe and hygienic due to its excellent moisture resistance. With shading performance and high blocking ability, 8011 aluminum foil food grade 10 microns is often used as food packaging foil and medicinal aluminum foil. 8011 aluminum foil has a clean surface, uniform color, no variegation, flatness and no pinholes. Food grade aluminum foil has excellent moisture resistance, shading and extremely high barrier capacity. It is used on food packaging to better protect food from damage, non-toxic, tasteless, and safe Hygienic, packaged food can be used with confidence.


In terms of food packaging, due to its unique properties, aluminum foil food grade 10 microns is not easy to oxidize and produce chemical reactions, so it is the best raw material for food containers and beverage bottles. Aluminum foil packaging can meet the requirements of easy recycling, environmental protection, water resistance and high temperature resistance aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging field, including tobacco packaging, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, beer sealing and daily chemical packaging. Food-grade aluminum foil packaging accounts for 25.00%, but in recent years, with the slowdown of economic growth, the growth rate of food-grade aluminum foil packaging is obvious, and it will become the main consumption area of packaging aluminum foil.

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