Aluminum foil has many excellent performance as packaging material

Contemporary aluminum foil mill roll body width has reached more than 2200mm, the rolling rate reached 2000m / min or more, the roll weight reached more than 20t. Aluminum foil is usually used as a packaging material, widely used in food, beverage, cigarette, medicine, photographic floor, household commodity and so on.It can also be used as a decorative line of gold and silver, wallpaper and a variety of stationery printed materials and light industry products such as decorating grades.

Aluminum foil roll as a packaging material to fully play its performance characteristics. Not only has moisture, airtight, shading, erosion-resistant, Paul Hong, non-toxic tasteless and other advantages, but also because of its elegant silver-white light, easy to process a variety of colors and beautiful patterns and markings, and therefore more susceptible to people’s favorite.

In particular, after the aluminum foil sheet is laminated with the plastic and the paper, the shielding of the aluminum foil is integrated with the strength of the paper and the heat-sealing property of the plastic to further improve the shielding against moisture, atmosphere, ultraviolet rays, bacteria and the like necessary for the packaging material Performance, greatly expanded the aluminum foil application market. Due to the packaged goods and the outside world of light, moisture, gas and other full containment, so that the package has been fully covered. Especially for the cooking of food packaging, the use of this composite aluminum foil coils material, at least you can guarantee food more than one year of stable quality.

Especially in recent years, beer, soft drinks and canned food such as the growing demand, which have increased the demand for packaging materials, aluminium coils/foils is a variety of sophisticated performance, perfect packaging materials, more and more get the welcome by people.

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