Applications of Aluminum Foil Food Container

aluminum foil food container
aluminum foil food container

The aluminum foil food container has the advantages of good resistance for oil and water , simple processing, low equipment input and easy recovery of the waste product. Due to the high price aluminum foil material, in general the aluminum foil food container is difficult to popularize application in the mass market, which is currently mainly used in aviation catering, hotels, hotels etc.. This type of aluminum foil food container packaging can quickly heat the food, while maintaining the freshness of the food.

The Applications of Aluminum Foil Food Container :

At present, the heat sealing, aluminum foil container can be high temperature and high pressure sterilization, which is also widely used in pies, luncheon meat, honey, sauce, jam and processed cheese, milk, coffee and other vegetarian paste for a long period of preservation of sealed packaging products.

The advantages of aluminum foil food containers, low weight and storage volume and low transport costs, high product protection, high temperature sterilization / pasteurization.

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