Characteristics and application of colour coated aluminum foil

The application of colour coated aluminum foil: construction industry, container packaging, power industry, food industry, machinery industry, durable consumer goods industry and other categories.

1. Color coated aluminum foil is less dense and lighter than other common metals. Its density is only 2.70 g/cm 3, which is 1/3 of copper or iron.

2. two kinds of technology, heat and cold treatment, have strong corrosion resistance.

3. the content of aluminum in the world is very high and reserves are abundant.

4. Color coated aluminum foil has good ductility, it can be made with many metal elements light alloy, high quality material.

5. the color coated aluminum foil has strong plasticity and good productivity. It has good advantages for production .

6. good casting properties

7. good surface treatment performance.

8. Chemical stability is stable, non-magnetic, can be recycled,it is a benign recyclable metal materials.

9. elastic coefficient is small, collision and friction can not spark, the best performance in automotive technology.

10. color coated aluminum foil has anti nuclear radiation.

11. there is no metal pollution and no toxicity. There is no volatile metal on the surface oxide layer.

12. the color coated aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and is outstanding in short distance transmission.

Colour coated aluminum foil is a common material in social production, which has excellent performance and many advantages.

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