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China aluminum foil suppliers are very famous on the market, for the advanced production line and technology and abundant aluminum reserves. Aluminum foil is a widely used product with reliable quality, high strength and good stability, and it has become a brand new packaging and decorative material. We Haomei Aluminum is one of the professional aluminium foil manufacturers in China, with 20 year experience on aluminum product producing and export, Haomei have won good reputation on the market.

china aluminum foil

The advantages of china aluminum foil are mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1, Aluminum foil products are all advanced product technology, with high closed cell rate, high weather resistance, high corrosion resistance, high puncture, no reaction, no permeability, etc.;
2, compared with other metal film material products, aluminum foil may have some advantages in technology upgrades;
3, Aluminium foil have broader development prospects in terms of energy saving and material saving.
4, it has superior anti-corrosion and penetration performance than other metal membranes in terms of anti-corrosion and explosion-proof;
5, China aluminum foil that are unique in terms of sealing and flame retardancy. Special materials have flame-retardant properties, which also brings great convenience to interior decorative aluminum foil products. The previous process can be successfully completed. Decorative aluminum foil products have improved mechanical properties, sealing performance, processing performance, and processing capacity.

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