Cigarette aluminum foil definition and development

The cigarette aluminum foil is aluminum foil for cigarette packaging, the common alloy grade and temper is 1115-O, 1235-O and 8011-O. It Used for cigarette packaging after liner, printing or painting. The surface of the aluminum foil for cigarettes is smooth and flawless, with flat plate shapes and few pinholes. The aluminum foil for cigarettes is mainly used as a liner for cigarette boxes after compounded with paper. The appearance of aluminum foil for cigarettes has neat sections, no burrs, clips, flounces, cracks, towers, loose rolls, starting bars and dents.

cigarette aluminum foil

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of cigarettes. At present, China has 146 large-scale cigarette factories with an annual output of 34 million cigarette cases. Basically, 8011 aluminum foil are used for packaging, of which 30% are spray foils and 70% are calendered. China’s cigarette packaging foils account for 70% of the total volume of double-zero foils. At present, only some companies in China can produce high-quality cigarette aluminum foil, and the technical level is equivalent to the international level. Haomei Aluminum is one of the manufacturers who can produce aluminum foil for cigarette, and request on the product please contact via

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