Influence of America Double-tax On China Aluminum Foil Export

Weeks ago the Trump administration declared to take double taxes on China aluminum foil exported to America. Owing to the “fact” that low price China foil has squeezed too many small American companies out of market, the Business Department decides to take anti-dumping and countervailing duties against foil from China. This means the highest tax rate may reach 186%, which will make any possible importers flinch back.

aluminum foil

It’s said that in 2017 China export of aluminum foil was 1,163,000 metric meters, and in August, when the first verdict against China of America government was made, local companies canceled many orders involved. There is no doubt that China export of aluminum foil to America will greatly reduce in the next months, but influence of the final verdict on whole export statistics will depend on demand state of other countries.

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