Magical aluminum foil usage tips in daily life

  Speaking of aluminium foil usage, you would think of barbecue, cakes or even chocolates. Not enough, baby. Check out the 12 magical uses of aluminium foil sheets in daily life!

  1. WiFi Impprover—The most exciting aluminium foil usage

  If you happen to own a slag WIFI, don’t be depressed. Put the aluminum foil in a serpentine shape, and the signal can be directed.

  2. Door Handle Protector

  Want a brand new door by painting it with a new color but not want to paint the door handle? Wrap it with aluminum foil. It is easy to dismantle, and the engineering quantity is small and easy to operate. Similarly, aluminium foil can be used in any such cases requiring protection of bumps.

  3. Large Furniture Moving

  If you need to move a large piece of furniture in the house, you can put a piece of aluminum foil on the corner of the table and under the cabinet, and then you can push it along So Easy! Remember to put the bright side down and the effect would be better!

  4. Prevent the Steel Ball from Rusting

  Wash the steel ball on the aluminium foil paper or wrap it in aluminum foil to reduce the rust. Mom wants to praise you as a small house clerk.

aluminium foil usage

  5. Amplify the Heating Effect—Bring warmth in winter

  In the winter, if you want to warm the room quickly, put the foil paper behind the heating so that it can be insulated to prevent the hot air from escaping from the wall. However, if you say that you live south of the Yangtze River, would you like to buy an electric heater first?

  6. Banana Protector Aluminium foil—Finally related with food

  Protects the banana head and a hat can lengthen its shelf life.

  7. Clean the Baking Net

  Roll the aluminum foil into a ball and use a clip to wipe the grill. The grilling net will become a lot cleaner.

  8. Sharpening Scissors

  Cut a few sheets of aluminum foil with scissors, and the scissors will be as sharp as a new one!

  9. Remove Metal Rust

  If a metal item gets rusty, you can use the aluminum foil to dip the rusted area with a little water.

  10. Improve the Efficiency of the Iron

  Put the aluminum foil between two sides of a pair of pants, and put the pants on the iron, then you can burn both sides at the same time!

  11. Bag Sealer

  Remaining snacks can be kept better! Put the aluminum foil on the mouth of the snack bag and iron it with the iron. A simple sealer is done!

  12. Battery Converter

  Don’t despair when you get a No. 7 battery instead of a No. 5. Wrap the aluminum foil on the positive side of the battery to ensure good contact. Done!

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