my personal opinion at aluminum foil in household

Aluminum foil provides a total barrier to light , odor and moisture , thus making it ideal for the protection of sensitive food during cooking and storage ;

Aluminum foil has unique mechanical properties as it is formable , strong and can be ‘ dead folded ’ , which is beneficial when wrapping food ;

Aluminum foil is an excellent conductor of heat and can withstand the highest temperatures encountered in cooking ;

Aluminum foil can be recycled or recovered in the form of energy .

The advantages of aluminum foil in household:

1) Ideal for wrapping odiferous foods

2) Can be heated in the oven

3) Can be used in roasting

4) Environment friendly material

5) Can be 100% recyclable

Anyway that’s just my personal opinion, I have a concern about using aluminum foil in frying pans on a couple of accounts. Firstly, you have to use a very sturdy aluminum foil (or cup) to withstand the high heat from the pan. Secondly, I do not like the idea of cooking anything acidic in aluminum. Thirdly, all of my frying pans have non-stick surfaces, and I wonder how using aluminum foil on them at high heat frequently would affect that surface. Lastly, food cooked directly in foil can stick to it like crazy unless you grease it a lot.

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