Pharma packaging aluminum foil

Pharma packaging aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging of various types of capsules, tablets, granules and other medicines after being compounded and printed. Haomei common forms include pharmaceutical blister packaging, aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging, etc., and its medicinal use is favored by the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Why is aluminum foil widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry? What are the reasons? In addition to preventing deterioration caused by the decomposition of light, some medicines are easy to deliquesce. Using this aluminium foil pharmaceutical packaging can effectively prevent moisture cracking or deterioration during transportation and storage.

pharma packaging aluminum foil

It is understood that the original packaging materials for medicines were plastic and paper, but these packagings are not easy to store, and it is easy to destroy the ingredients of the medicines, which greatly reduces the efficacy of the medicine. After continuous research and improvement, aluminum foil is finally used to avoid the disadvantages of plastic and paper packaging. The pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil is single-sided aluminum foil, the aluminum alloy are 8011 and 8021, and the temper is O, H18. Among them, the O temper is relatively soft and is commonly used in packaging of capsules and tablets, while the H18 temper is relatively hard and is usually used in granular drug packaging.


The characteristics of pharma packaging aluminum foil are:

1, The molecular density is large; it can isolate water vapor and light, and the airtight type is good. Because the medicine we take is afraid of tide, oxidation, and light, aluminum foil paper is just enough.

2, The calenderability is better and it is easier to produce and disassemble. It means it’s easy to break and eat.

3, The surface is smooth and not easy to carry bacteria, clean and hygienic.

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