Standard Specification and Arrangement of Pot Rice Bowl Aluminum Foil in Microwave

aluminum foil in microwave
aluminum foil in microwave

At present, the size of Pot Rice Bowl Aluminum Foil in Microwave is basically uniform in the market: the top size is about 180mm, the bottom size is 115mm, and the height is 70mm. The common thickness of Aluminum Foil in Microwave are including 0.06mm, 0.07mm and 0.08mm.

The common match of Bowl and Lid for Aluminum Foil in Microwave:

First, plastic lid and aluminum foil bowl (plastic cover soft, if the temperature is higher, there is a low support force);

Second, paper cover and aluminum foil bowl matching (paper cover can not be heated, and can not be resistant greasy);

Third, Aluminum Foil in Microwave lid and aluminum foil bowl. This match can be warmed, good freshness, can be heated in the microwave.

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