The Classifications of Air Conditioning Aluminum Foil Alloy

aluminum foil alloy
aluminum foil alloy

The Classifications of Air Conditioning Aluminum Foil Alloy:

1, Non-coated aluminum foil alloy: non-coated aluminum foil alloy is rolled by annealing, the surface has not been any form of treatment of aluminum foil alloy.

2, Coated aluminum foil alloy: Coated aluminum foil alloy is non-coated aluminum foil alloy surface treatment, which has a special function.

3, Corrosion-resistant aluminum foil alloy: corrosion-resistant aluminum foil alloy with a certain anti-corrosion surface of the protective layer, made of the product with air conditioning heat exchanger can be applied to the more harsh areas, and can significantly improve the service life of air conditioning.  At the same time due to the improvement of corrosion resistance of the heat exchanger, greatly reducing the surface of the formation of corrosive powder, thereby improving the ventilation quality, clean the air conditioning room air.

4, Hydrophilic aluminum foil alloy: hydrophilic aluminum foil alloy surface has a strong hydrophilic. The hydrophilic properties are determined by the angle at which the water is adhered to the surface of the aluminum foil.

5, Hydrophobic aluminum foil alloy: hydrophobic aluminum foil, also known as water-repellent aluminum foil, the surface properties and hydrophilic aluminum foil is just the opposite. 

6, Self-lubricating aluminum foil alloy: self-lubricating aluminum foil, in its punching process does not need to add a separate lubricant.

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