What is heavy duty aluminium foil

  Heavy duty aluminium foil is named in opposite to Regular aluminium foil. The words “heavy duty” does not implies a higher tax as some people might imagine, since Trump has been taxing aluminium foil from China heavily recently. As the name implies, heavy duty aluminium foil simply refers to a kind of aluminum foil that is thicker, sturdier and thus heavier than regular aluminum foil.

heavy duty aluminium foil

  Both regular and heavy duty aluminum foil are made of the same material: aluminium. The difference lies in their thickness. Thin aluminium foil rolls are only 0.006mm thick, yet thick ones can be up to 0.2mm thick. That’s like the height difference between a newly born mouse and a human giant. Correspondingly thicker aluminium foil has a much heavier weight, which results in directly a higher price per area unit. A 200-square-foot roll of Reynold’s Wrap Aluminum Foil costs $9.19 on Amazon. For roughly the same price ($8.99), you’ll get a 130-square-foot roll of Reynold’s Wrap Heavy-Duty Aluminum Foil.

  Then which one to choose? Regular of heavy duty aluminium foil?

  It all depends, actually. Regular aluminum foil will definitely work for kitchen tasks like covering dishes to be stored in the fridge, wrapping sandwiches and other foods, and lining baking sheets. But regular foil doesn’t hold up as well with heavy foods or with high-heat cooking on the grill, where it’s more likely to tear, rip, or break. While heavy duty aluminium foil is tough enough to stand up to high heat, heavy food items, and long-term storage in the freezer. Because of the extra thickness, it’s also a better choice for campfire packets. In a word, you need to choose based on your actual needs. You can just try both and then judge by yourself, since everyone has his or her own cooking habit.

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