What is The Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil-PTP Aluminum Foil

PTP aluminum foil
PTP aluminum foil

PTP is the abbreviation of Press Through Packaging, which is translated as “through the pressure packaging”. Its formal title is the pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, also known as blister packaging aluminum foil. European PTP aluminum foil in English is Push-through Foil. China’s PTP aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical packaging materials, container registration card on the use of the title is: pharmaceutical packaging with PTP aluminum foil.

Medicinal blister packaging materials are basically aluminum foil. Because the drugs is packaged by PTP aluminum foil, which features contents can be clearly visible. The aluminum foil surface can be printed by new design style, which is easy to identify patterns and trademarks. At the same time the barrier performance PTP aluminum foil is very good, which features light weight, with a certain intensity, easy to be crushed, and convenient to store the strugs, and easy to carry.

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