Wholesale factory pop up aluminum foil sheet

Foil sheets are pre-cut and perfect for cooking, grilling, eating on the go… no cutting or tearing needed! They’re also the perfect size for restaurant take-home bags, bake sales, packed lunches, and so much more. Case includes 36 – 30-ct. boxes of 13-3/8×10?” pop-up foil sheets. Packaging may vary.

Aluminum foil sheets conveniently dispense one at a time. Easy-to-use pop-up dispenser box means less waste.

Material(s): Aluminum; Length: 10 3/4 in; Width: 12 in. ~ Includes 6 cartons of 500 aluminum sheets per carton, 3000 sheets per case.

Aluminum foil reprocessing to pop up ,widely used for a fast and convenient way to cover and wrap food items.Ideal for cooking, freezing, baking,ect.

We offer high quality and fast shipping on premium aluminum foil products in a variety of thicknesses and sizes for many applications .

1,Cast Rolling to 7mm

2,Cold Rolling to 0.25mm

3,Foil Rolling to requirement

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