Wide Applications of Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil South Africa

aluminum foil south africa
aluminum foil south africa

Hydrophilic aluminum foil South Africa is the main raw material of heat exchangers in air conditioners. It is widely used in household air conditioners, freezers, automotive air conditioners and other refrigeration equipment. Compared with ordinary aluminum foils, the Hydrophilic aluminum foil south africa has the following advantages:

1, Strengthen the functions of corrosion resistance, mildew, no peculiar smell;

2. The condensation water accumulated on the surface of the heat exchange plate is evenly distributed on the surface, and the heat exchange condition is not influenced by the heat accumulation condition of the heat exchange plate because of the accumulation and blockage of the heat exchange chips, and the heat exchange rate is increased by 5%;

3, In case of the the formation of water beads, to reduce the noise caused by vibration;

4. It can prevent the oxidizing powder from air conditioner into the room and adversely affect the health of human body. It meets the requirements of environmental protection;

5, Hydrophilic aluminum foil South Africa , which is used as the air conditioning radiator fin, should comply with the provisions of YS/T95.2—2001.

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