Aluminum jacketing astm alloy 1060 3003

Haomei supply aluminum jacketing astm b209 alloy 1060 3003 with high performance and moisture barrier. The 1060 aluminum jacketing belongs to pure aluminum, 3003 aluminum jacketing belongs to rust-proof aluminum. The temper of aluminium jacketing are H14 and H18, which is widely used in gas oil and other pipeline insulation construction project.

aluminum jacketing astm

Pipe insulation aluminum jacketing is not only a normal transportation method for providing heating pipes, but also has a certain safety effect, so you can rest assured. Pipeline insulation engineering is the protection of pipelines outside the ground or underground. The pipelines are directly exposed to the air for a long time and can easily cause damage to the pipelines. In addition, some special pipelines such as heating pipelines need to be insulated and protected. The insulation construction of the pipeline is to apply one or several layers of aluminum jacketing protection to the pipeline to prevent the pipeline from being corroded by air and corrosive substances, and at the same time to ensure that the liquid substance conveyed in the pipeline will not be affected by the cold air.


The main purpose of aluminum jacketing astm on pipe is to prolong the insulation life. The rainy weather will not enter the water and it will have a stable thermal insulation and energy saving effect. The second is corrosion resistance. Generally, aluminum jacketing will be used in more corrosive places and other media. As an outer protective plate, for example, compared with the use of galvanized iron sheet and aluminum sheet in the same place, in a place with high corrosiveness, the galvanized iron sheet will rust first, but the aluminum sheet will not rust. The third is the aluminum jacketing is beautiful.

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