Aluminum plain jacketing roll 1060 3003

The use of high-quality aluminum plain jacketing roll 1060 and 3003 as insulation materials makes the pipe has very good cold and corrosion resistance. In addition, the aluminum jacketing has good water repellency, sound insulation and flame retardancy after completion, and can achieve simple and convenient construction effects. With the unique advantages of aluminum sheet insulation, it becomes a transportation, petroleum, electric power, refrigeration, chemical and other industrial sectors such as heat insulation, waterproof plugging, sealing and other indispensable materials.

aluminum plain jacketing roll

Attention should be paid to pipeline insulation in thermal insulation projects: there are two purposes for pipeline insulation, one is to prevent heat loss which will lead to thermal imbalance for insulation, and the other is to prevent condensation and insulation. Aluminum jacketing roll for insulation is widely used in pipeline insulation construction, and it is also very convenient in the construction process. It can reach 30 to 50 years of service life. It is also very convenient to install, the installation cost is relatively low, the cost of aluminum jacket pipe insulation is low, and it has very good corrosion resistance.
Aluminum plain jacketing roll for insulation uses metal materials with good plasticity and low thermal conductivity, corrosion and rust prevention as the main raw materials for construction, and wraps objects that require insulation treatment to achieve good insulation effects. It can be used in key industries such as natural gas and electricity. Reduce corrosion, strengthen pipeline protection, and reduce low damage.

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