Aluminium reflective sheet for lighting

Aluminium reflective sheet are used as the refelctor for lighting industry, the alloy are 1060, 1100 and 3003, the thickness is 0.07mm-1.50mm, the width is 30mm-1250mm. For the special reflectivity performance of visible light greater than 80% and infrared reflectance greater than 80%, aluminium mirror sheet is widely used in the reflector of lighting, and in places requiring heat insulation and preservation (such as cold storage and refrigerator).

aluminium reflective sheet

The metal reflector is a kind of reflector that is often used, which can greatly improve the light utilization efficiency and greatly improve the efficiency of the lamp. The reflectivity of the reflector is mainly determined by the material. For example, the high reflectivity of the reflective material, the light decay, etc. directly determine the quality of the reflector. The material of the reflector itself will also be noticed by the reflection effect. Different materials will have different effects. The reflectors used in different lamps will be different, and the price will naturally be very different. The reflector is made of polished reflective aluminium mirror sheet, which has better adaptability to ultraviolet light.


Aluminum mirror sheet reflector mainly used in U-shaped or spiral energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, street lamps, LED lights, induction lamps and so on. The shape of the reflector mainly refers to the angle of reflection of the light, etc., which determines the ability of the reflector to process the non-direct light of the light source. In summary, the material and shape of the reflector determine the output efficiency and output luminous flux of the luminaire.

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