High quality mirror aluminum for lighting

High quality mirror aluminum 1060 and 3003 is processed into sheet plate or coil roll to be applied in reflector of lighting industry. If you have a certain understanding of the manufacture of mirror aluminum sheets, you should know that not all aluminum sheet can be mirror-finished, and they can be used to make such aluminum sheet. Usually there are only pure 1000 series aluminum sheet and 3000 series alloy aluminum sheet, which are used for rolling, grinding, etc., to make aluminum sheet with a flat effect.

mirror aluminum

That is to say, the mirror aluminum sheet can not only be made of pure aluminum sheet, but also can be made of alloy aluminum sheet. Generally, 3000 series alloy aluminum sheet is used, such as 3003 aluminum sheet and 3004 aluminum sheet series. The 3000 series is a more commonly used alloy aluminum sheet series. The main element is manganese and magnesium, and the content is generally between 3-5%, so it is also called aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy.
The reason why aluminum alloy sheet are used to make aluminum mirror sheet is because of its low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. This is more able to meet the processing and use requirements of mirror-type aluminum sheet. For example, low density means that the aluminum sheet are lighter, which is very important in many decorative applications.
High tensile strength means that the mirror aluminum sheet is not easy to be stretched and deformed during processing and use. Many decorative applications require the aluminum sheet to be very thin. In this case, it needs a relatively high tensile strength to be difficult to deform. As for the elongation, it is also considered that the application of decoration does not require too much thickness on the aluminum sheet, usually thinner plates are used. This requires the plate itself to have a good enough elongation to facilitate processing and application, it is more reliable.

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