7 steps of aluminum sheet production process

Aluminum sheet is the main aluminum products of Haomei Aluminum, the quality and service are ensure to be best in the market, Haomei aluminum sheet won the praise of the vast number of old and new customers. With more than 15 year experience, Haomei Aluminum has become a professional manufacturer of various aluminum products. Here let us share the aluminum production process and precautions to you. Aluminum sheet production process can be divided in to 7 steps: Ingredients, cut, planing, cut angle, bending, group board, re-inspection.

aluminum sheet

1. Ingredients: according to the order of customer, after choose the models, specifications and color, transfer the aluminum ingot to the cutting machine to wait for cutting.
2. Cut: during the cut process, first adjust the locator to the required scale, then cut a small point, check whether the scale is fit with the need scale, if they are consistent, then begin the cut, and vice versa to adjust until the fit to stop. Whiling cutting, the direction should be accurate, from left to right, from top to bottom, forbidden to cut the opposite direction. At the end of the cutting, check to see if it is not fit, then put the plate gently in the cleaning channel to prevent plate decoration surface damaged.
3. Planing: While planing we should pay attention to reuse the processed map for analysis, confirmation, stereotypes. 4. Corner angle: punching with punching machine, cut angle is not allowed to go beyond the planing center line.
5. Bend: pay attention, repeat the bend is forbidden, twice is the maximum to prevent fatigue damage.
6. Group board: first prepare the board information and materials, pay attention to the board process can not damage the plate finishes.
7. Re-inspection: re-inspection to the completion aluminum plate, to see if it is not in line with the manufacturing specifications to prevent the bad effect to the manufacturers.

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