Notice to select aluminum sheet in malaysia

There are many manufacturers and products of aluminum sheet malaysia market. To judge the quality of a product, the raw materials and some details in the process of production are very important. For aluminum sheet, in its main process there are four factors affect the quality.

Point 1: production materials.
Under the conditions of the market competition is fierce, many manufacturing enterprises choose the lower prices to bite a big price war. In this case, many enterprises use ingenious methods in order to reduce the production cost , such as compress aluminum oxidation time, and  join inferior aluminum into the raw materials, etc., the most direct consequence is the quality of the aluminum sheet alloy is unqualified.
Point 2: determination times of aluminum sheet.
Coating is an important process of producing aluminum sheet. There are strict composition of plating solution, but some production enterprises do not in accordance with the proportion of scientific deployment solution in order to save costs, so almost all produced aluminum plate under this condition is not qualified.
Point 3: the factory quality control.
There are many chemical composition in raw materials, which are used in the production of aluminum sheet, and some companies will cut corners from the chemical composition, not only out of production standards, but also can lead to the chemical composition out of limits, which affects people’s health.
Point 4: poorly manufactured.
Some aluminum production enterprises removed good materials in the process of production, in order to cut down the consumption of raw materials, it will lead to the strength of the aluminum plate is reduced greatly. This will result in a huge threat for using these aluminum sheets in construction.
While with Haomei as your aluminum sheet malaysia supplier, you do not need to concern these four problems again, the good reputation from our clients all over the world can give you a good answer. A enterprise can grown up for more than10 years must has high quality product and responsible service.

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