Aluminum slugs for processing aluminum bottle

Whether commuting to work or traveling on the road, an aluminum bottle which only 180g heavy average is certainly a good life partner. We can see it everywhere in our daily life, in common, people like to use it for water storage, for it is cheap and light, more and more people are willing to use it than glass bottle. Now I want to introduce the raw material for processing this kind of aluminum bottle, that is aluminum slugs for aluminum bottle. How does this little slug can processed to be aluminum bottle mush bigger, let us learn about it.

aluminum slug for aluminum bottle

Aluminum bottle production starting from the aluminum slugs with the diameter of 7cm. First use a special slide for sorting and arrange these aluminum slugs, then they withstand 600 tons of machine stamping many times, shaped into aluminum bottles on the cylinder, and then cut out by the bottle height. Next is to process the bottleneck, use of 26 different caliber die in order to squeeze the opening diameter of the original half, the bottle neck is shaped stable and will not be chapped. The final extrusion is made spiral pattern on the bottle mouth, as the most commonly used parts, the bottle mouth must be thick enough to be durable. After the above shape is completed, the aluminum bottle should be thoroughly rinsed to remove the oil. Wait until the bottle drying, it is necessary to spray chemically inert polymer on the bottle inner surface evenly which will not be absorbed and conductive taste, then into the oven at 180 ℃ for 10mins, so that the material is completely attached, the next step is spray the outer layer on the bottle, after this step, the paint layer will appear smooth surface, thus the production of aluminum bottles used in daily life on is completed.

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