Hot sale product -8021 aluminum foil

The 8021 aluminum foil is an important series manufactured by Haomei, and in the past articles, we have talked many other series, and today, the writer is about to introduce the 8021 aluminum foil to you.
The thickness of the 8021 aluminum foil is 0.006-0.15mm, and the specific thickness can be designed according to the demand of the clients.  8021 aluminum foil is one of our main products. It is the key element used in food packaging and battery jacket. It has good opacity and strong moisture proof & blocking capacity. It is non- toxic and has no smell. The 8021 aluminum foil alloy is widely used as packaging material after recombination, printing and gluing. Alloy 8021 can be processed in the following measurement range according to client’s requirements.

8021 aluminum foil
8021 aluminum foil

The Haomei Industrial Co., Ltd has been engaged in the aluminum foil manufacturing for more than 30 years, many products are of high quality, they are sold all over the world, gaining a worldwide appraises. If you have any demand for the product, please contact with us, and we will give you the best recommend!

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