The Aluminum Slugs Suppliers in China

The aluminum slugs are also the main products of the our company, and they are manufactured from the high quality raw aluminum, it has a strong durability and good quality, and we will introduce the specification of the aluminum slugs as follows: Grade: alloy 1070 / 1055 or equivalent standard; temper: 0 to h 12; Finish: smooth, vibrated and blasted; Shape: Round, rectangle, oval; Range of slugs pierce slugs: 9.8 to 56.8 mm; Thickness: 0 up to 10 mm; Rigid slugs: 9.8 mm to 135 mm; The Process of manufacturing includes the raw material, melting, casting, hot rolling and cold rolling (check thickness, grain size, surface finish). Only high purity aluminum ingot imported from primary producers, is used in the production of Haomei’s aluminum slugs. smelting-This process of production starts by loading furnaces with raw aluminum in from of aluminum (alloy 1070, purity 99,7%), which is supplied by local high-class aluminum producers. Then it is the stamping and annealing stages, then it is the surface finish-the surface of the slugs is treated in order to obtain a rough texture. Selection and Packing-In this last stage slugs exit the hopper by means of a conveyor into automatic packing lines.

Haomei Industrial Co., Ltd is the best manufacturer of the aluminum slugs in China, and it adopts the advanced technology and updated operation to ensure the production of the high quality aluminum slugs, the aluminum slugs have a wide application and we have the cooperation clients all over the world, so if you have any need in the aluminum slugs never hesitate to connect with us, we will answer your questions with full patience and professional attitude, and you can also visit our website for more information!


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