The Details about the 3003 Aluminum Sheet/Plate

Haomei Industrial Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of all series of the aluminum sheet, and they are all of the high quality and has the advantageous feature, today we are going to introduce you one type aluminum sheet-the 3003 aluminum sheet.The thickness of the 3003 aluminum sheet is about 0.2-4.5, the 3003 aluminum sheet plate is a typical aluminum alloy Al-Mn, this material has good forming ability, good corrosion resistance and weld ability, power battery shell commonly used in the production of automotive lightweight, storage tank, cooking utensils, food warehouse transport equipment, sheet metal pressure vessels and piping. Comparing with other categories, the 3003 aluminum sheet plate has excellent rust resistance. 3003 aluminum sheet plate has excellent forming characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good weld ability and conductivity, strength higher than 1100. Besides, the 3003 aluminum sheet plate has smooth surface, good  plasticity, pressure resistance; Finally, the power battery shell preferred plate, with impact resistance, it not easy to break and leakage, which can meet the requirements of power battery shell on the strength and rigidity of the requirements.

3003 aluminum sheet

The 3003 aluminum sheet is the representative product of the Haomei, and we have sold the products all over the world, and many clients speak highly of our products, and we have been always serving our clients with heart and soul. If you have any need for this product, please contact us!

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