The Recycle Use of the Aluminum Foil

The aluminum foil is widely applied in the packaging and it has many features and advantages, and the demand for it on the world market is increasing year by year. Nowadays, the environment protection has become a world common view, so may be the clients may wonder will it cause pollution to the environment, and does it has other function, and the answer is as follows:

The aluminum foil

Firstly, the aluminum foil can be recycled, and the recycle rate of it is the highest. Many aluminum foil packaged product can be recycled, with the fast development of the aluminum industry, the recycle of the aluminum foil has been an important part in the industry, what is important, the recycled aluminum can satisfy the 35% aluminum demand in the global, and this proportion is still increasing. Besides, the aluminum foil has other features, for example, it is light and has a good metal shinning surface, and the strong heat reflection ability. Another character of it is the good performance in the insulation and strong protection, and it is easy to prevent the bacterium and the insects. The aluminum foil has no the seal ability and it can’t be used singly and it needs to be processed to the compound material with the paper and the plastic film. This kind of compound material can overcome the shortcoming of no sealing, and it has the advantage of the isolation, if you are interested in the aluminum products such as the aluminum sheet, foil, aluminum dishes, you can contact with the Haomei, we have all kinds of products for you to choose from!


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