The Series of the Aluminum Plate

aluminum sheet

According to the metal elements contained in the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate can be divided into nine series, in this article, we will have a look at the nine series:1, 1000 series, the series 1050 1060 1070 1000 are also called the pure aluminum plate, and it also the series that contains the largest amount of aluminum, and the purity can be more than 99.00%, owing to its simple production technology, the price of it is pretty cheap, and it is also the most common series. There are mainly 1050 and 1060 series on the market. The 1000 series embodies its minimum aluminum amount according to the last two number, according to the stipulation of aluminum alloy technical standard (GB/t3880-2006), the aluminum content must reach 99.5%, or it will be classified to the defective goods, to the same, the aluminum content of 1060 series must be above 99.6%.

2.2000 series, the character of series 2A16(LY16)2A12(LY12) 2A06(LY6)2000 is high hardness, and the content of copper is highest, which is 3-5% or so. The 2000 series of aluminum plates are aviation aluminum, which are not used in conventional industries. Our country currently produces 2000 series of aluminum plates less, and the quality is not yet comparable to that produced by foreign countries. The aluminum plates currently are mainly supplied by south Korean and German manufacturers. With the development of China’s aerospace industry, the production technology of the 2000 series of aluminum plates will be further improved.

3.3000series,which mainly consist of 3003 30033A21, It can also be called the rust-proof aluminum plate, and the production technology of 3,000 series is better in China. The components of manganese is the main content of 3, 000 series of aluminum plates, and the content is between 1.0-1.5. It is a good anti-rust series. Usually it is used in air conditioning, refrigerator, car bottom wait for wet environment, the price of this series is above 1000 series, and it is a more commonly used.

Here we have introduced you three series, and the rest will be introduced to you in other articles, please keep close eyes to the updating.


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