6061 Aluminum Sheet for Mobile Power Shell

6061 aluminum sheet shell with a soft metal texture, color and diverse optional, to meet the different consumers on the appearance of the pursuit. The surface of the oxide film, both to protect the brushed aluminum from erosion and wear, but also to protect the safety of mobile power, because it also has a metal alloy of aluminum, not easy to deformation, protection of mobile power; also has a decorative function, Let the mobile power has a metallic texture. Moreover, the use of 6061 alloy aluminum production of mobile power, than with other metal produced by the light, easy to carry, was the majority of love fashion, advocating lightweight people love.
Haomei aluminum is aluminum sheet manufacturer in Henan Province, the production of 1000-8000 series of aluminum, the production of 6061 aluminum sheet dedicated to the aluminum mobile phone shell, mobile power shell, mobile phone slot and other places, and Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers are have long-term cooperation.

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