Applications of 5083 H1112 Aluminum Sheet

5083 aluminum alloy is one of the high quality aluminum sheets among 5xxx series. 5xxx series aluminum alloy mainly contains Al and Mg, so it is also called Mg-Al alloy with all tempers, including O, HXX and HXXX. 5083 aluminum sheet can be both processed into thin sheet and thick plate and they are used in varieties of fields. Among all these products, 5083 extreme wide and thick plate are mainly used in transportation area. Moreover, 5083 H112 aluminum sheet of Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd has already passed the certification of CCS (refers to China Classification Society), DNV GL (refers to Det Norske Veritas), which means the 5083 H112 of Haomei Al. has good quality and lives up to international standards.
Applications of 5083 H1112 Aluminum Sheet
High quality 5083 H112 aluminum sheet had middle strength, good resistance to correction, perfect weldability, as well as good machinability. Based on features of 5083 H112 aluminum sheet above, its end-use product, such as tubes and fluid vessels, must be in demand of high plasticity. 5083 H112 aluminum sheet of Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly used for marine, tank body, and GIS (refer to gas-insulated switchgear). 5083 H112 aluminum sheet has 20% more anti-correction than 5052 aluminum alloy, so it can also be used as anti-rusty aluminum sheet, which has low density and high plasticity.
Applied to marine aluminum sheet, 5083 H112 aluminum alloy can not only reduce the weight of ships, but can also increase service life of ships; Applied to oil tank body, 5083 H112 aluminum alloy can reduce 3-5 tons weight of truck, so the inertia can be minus, which can improve the traffic efficiency, thus, energy saving and eco friendly can be realized. At present, the products and technology of Haomei Al. had been mature. 1xxx-8xxx series products, including aluminum sheet, aluminum foil and aluminum coil can be all provided. What’s more, “1+1” Production line was put into cooperation in July 2015, which increasing broad the range of products. Haomei Al. will increase the input to science and technology and innovation. Thus, high quality products and good service can be provided to our customers.

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