Haomei Aluminum 6061 and 7075 Aluminum-magnesium Alloy Sheet Plate

Aluminum alloy tensile strength values of up to 200 ~ 600 MPa, become the ideal structural materials, used in mobile phones in the more typical material AL6063 aluminum alloy and AL7075 aluminum alloy.
Among them, AL6063-T6 has a density of 2.72, a tensile strength of 220 MPa, a yield strength of 190 MPa, an HV hardness of 80. With the requirements of thin cell phone, the strength of aluminum alloy is gradually amplified, turning to higher strength aluminum alloys such as 6061, 6013 and 7000 series materials. Apple iPhone 7 is selected 7000 series aluminum alloy. The properties of the AL7075-T6 aluminum plate are as follows. The density is 2.81, the tensile strength is 530 MPa, the yield strength is 480MPa, the HV hardness is 175.
The advantages of aluminum-magnesium alloy relative to stainless steel are outstanding. First of all, the metal texture is very strong, and stainless steel compared to the dull, aluminum alloy material is easier to handle high-end, beautiful, shiny feeling. Second, the aluminum alloy material is very light, the proportion of about one-third of stainless steel. At the same time, aluminum alloy materials are high temperature, leaving no fingerprints, anti-static, environmentally friendly non-toxic and many other advantages. So this material is often used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, medical and 3C and other fields.

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