How To Identify High Quality Color Aluminum Sheet

Some color aluminum sheet on the thickness only 0.43mm, film has 0.3mm. (In the face of the consumer when it is 0.8 thick) aluminum slab plate too thin film too thick will make the performance of aluminum buckle plate. Because this kind of aluminum slab board low cost, and this thickness can cater to the unintelligible consumer psychology, very deceptive, Many consumers are easily misled by it. In fact, taking into account the home improvement requirements of the use of product installation span, in the use of high-quality aluminum under the premise of expert advice on the use of aluminum coloring sheets thickness of 0.6-0.7 is enough, because the thickness of the aluminum coloring sheets is the best cost-effective, completely Can meet the bearing strength. If the thickness of thickening, not only a waste of resources, but also increased the consumer’s unnecessary economic burden.
To see the aluminum coloring sheets is good or bad, not the thicker the better aluminum, and now most of the market on the 0.8 thick home improvement aluminum production is a small processing plant produced inferior products. Poor aluminum coloring sheets is often in the aluminum plate and aluminum gusset film on the hands and feet, usually used to reduce the thickness of aluminum substrate, and in the aluminum substrate with a very thick film, good quality aluminum, a certain degree of flexibility elastic toughness Good bending to a certain extent to restore the original shape, long time to use will not be aging deformation. With the fingers hit the color aluminum sheet, the material is better aluminum slab metal sound is more obvious, crisp, poor material boring, metal sound is not obvious.
On the other hand is to see the color of the aluminum sheet film: mainly to see the ceiling covered by the membrane of the process, the film is not covered by the better the better, generally good quality film surface smooth and smooth, good reflective, after a long time the surface will not wrinkle, discoloration (good film thickness of color aluminum sheet only 0.10 mm-0.15 mm).

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