The introduction of transformer aluminum strip

Transformer aluminum strip is the key raw material for the manufacture of transformer windings, it is made by rolling and cutting of smelting aluminum ingot. As aluminum strip is one of the most popular products of Haomei Aluminum, it my turn to introduce the main product- transformer aluminum strip to you all. According to the use, the transformer aluminum strip can be divided into different grades, specifications and temper. The grades are: 1060,1050,1050A, 1060A,1070,1070A, 1350, the temper is O. O means of soft state, followed by the number that can show hard and soft, and the degree of annealing. The thickness is between 0.08-3.00 mm, known as: dry-type transformer aluminum strip.

aluminum strip

Dry-type transformer aluminum strip use high-quality pure aluminum as raw material, with high conductivity, soft and other characteristics, the surface is smooth, no burr, is the ideal material for the production of dry-type transformers, the conductivity, burr curling, bending, surface quality and a number of technical indicators demanding is really very high. With the transformer aluminum strip can make the dry-type transformer have the advantages of small volume, light weight, good insulation performance, flame retardant, no pollution, small partial discharge, moisture resistance, smooth operation and reliable, low noise and low maintenance cost. The transformer aluminum strip is widely used in high-rise building, underground Facilities, business centers, residential areas, hotels and other coastal wet areas.

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