Aluminium strip for transformer use

The high and low voltage windings of transformer are wound with 1060 1070 soft aluminium strip for transformer use, the thickness is 0.2-2mm, and the width is 20-1250mm. The surface of the aluminum strip has high insulation and heat resistance, so that no other insulating materials are needed between the layers of the high and low voltage transformer windings, simplifying the manufacturing process. This kind of aluminium strip transformer has the characteristics of high efficiency, low loss, energy saving, small volume, light weight, good flame retardancy, strong overload capacity, low noise, safe and reliable operation, etc. it is a new generation of product which is welcomed by the majority of users and has significant social and economic benefits.

aluminium strip for transformer use

The transformer winding is the circuit part of the transformer, which is made of copper or aluminum strips with insulation wrapped on the surface, and is sheathed on the iron core column of the transformer. The aluminium strip for transformer winding is divided into primary winding and secondary winding. The primary winding is for power input and the secondary winding is for output. When the primary winding passes through the alternating current, the alternating flux is generated in the iron core correspondingly. According to the electromagnetic induction principle, the input energy of the primary winding is transferred to the secondary (output) winding through the iron core. In the manufacturing process, the output voltage value can be changed by changing the turns ratio of the primary and secondary windings to meet the needs of the power consumption unit, and the voltage can also be increased to carry out long distance transmission reduces the line loss of energy in the transmission process. The aluminium strip for transformer use winding shall have sufficient insulation strength, mechanical strength and heat resistance.

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