Hot Rolled Metal Aluminium Strips

The advantage of hot rolled metal aluminium strips is that it has good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and good ductility. Hot rolled aluminium strips is often used in transformers, cable armoring, metal stamping, lampshades, radiator fins, etc. At the same time, the price of pure aluminum strip is also the lowest among all aluminum strips, and the cost performance is relatively high. The representative of pure aluminum strip is 1060 aluminum strip.

hot rolled metal aluminium strips

The continuous casting and rolling production line is an advanced aluminum strip production process, which is superior to the ingot hot rolling method in terms of saving energy and resources, investment costs and production costs. In terms of product quality, it is close to the ingot hot rolling method and better than the double roll type aluminum casting and rolling mill method. With the development of science and technology, the technological progress of hot rolled aluminum strips mills not only reflects the improvement of the rolling technology level, such as the increasing maturity of the rolling speed and automation degree of the equipment unit, but also reflects the improvement of the manufacturing technology level, such as the level of equipment parts processing and assembly accuracy, but there is still a certain gap compared with developed countries. In the usual machining and manufacturing, the precision requirements of the finished product are closely related to the manufacturing level of the rolling mill.
There must be isotropy in the rolling plane, and at the same time there must be high plasticity that can ensure the required elongation coefficient. In addition, some products produced from hot rolled metal aluminium strips require higher strength. The aluminium strip production process includes: hot rolling to 3-6 mm; cold rolling to final size, with or without intermediate annealing; final annealing. Annealing (intermediate annealing and final annealing) can be performed in batch annealing furnace or continuous annealing furnace. In the latter case, a special air-cushioned annealing furnace is used, and the annealing is carried out simultaneously with the drying of the aluminum strip paint.

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