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Buy aluminium strip product from trustworthy aluminum strip company China Haomei, we can ensure high quality and long service life. With the industrial development in recent years, the demand for aluminum strip alloy is now increasing. The aluminum strip coil is divided into aluminum strip and tape of the required width according to the purpose, which can be used for transformers, shutters, heaters, etc.

aluminum strip company

In a modern large-scale aluminum processing plant, in order to improve the surface quality, flatness and finishing efficiency of aluminum strip product, in recent years, a new stretching and straightening process suitable for continuous production has been gradually developed, and a special continuous operation production line has played a good role in actual aluminium strip product production. Aluminum strip is rolled in a very thin state, and it is very sensitive to material thickness uniformity, rolling speed, tension, rolling oil, etc. The most important thing in various defects is to solve the broken strip and pinholes, especially it is more important for high-speed rolling mills. The occurrence of broken strips and pinholes is very closely related to the quality of the aluminum strip blanks.
Inclusions, air passages, metal and non-metal pressing, scratches, scratches, and uneven thickness in the cast-rolling and hot-rolled billets during the rolling process can make aluminum strip rolling very difficult. Causes broken strips and needles Hole, thickness tolerance, etc. And these defects affect each other. The thinner the aluminum strip, the more pinholes, and the more pinholes, the easier it is to break the strip, and there are more strips. There must be a part of the foil thickness at the beginning and the end of the rolling increase. So the aluminum strip company have strict quality inspection on the flatness, pinhole and edge burrs.

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