Where to buy diamond plate aluminum

Where to buy diamond plate aluminum with high quality, low cost, fast product and delivery, great service and good reputation? Welcome to Haomei Aluminum! Haomei Aluminium has more than 15 years experience in diamond aluminum plate manufacturing and export. The quality of the aluminum diamond plate can be guaranteed, the surface is clean, the thickness precision is high, the specification can be customized with customer’s requirements, and also we have finished product in stock, so we can fast delivery.

where to buy diamond plate aluminum

According to the material division, the diamond plate aluminum supplied by Haomei Aluminum can be divided into three types:

1.General diamond aluminum plate:

Aluminum diamond plate produced and processed with 1060 aluminum plate as the base can be integrated into the usual natural environment, with high quality and low price. Generally, cold storage, wooden floors, and outer packaging boxes use this type of diamond aluminum plate.

2.Aluminum manganese alloy diamond aluminum plate:

It is produced and processed with 3003 aluminum alloy as the key raw material. This type of aluminum plate is also called anti-rust aluminum plate. Its compressive strength is slightly higher than that of general aluminum diamond plate. It has certain anti-rust performance. However, the strength and corrosion resistance are not as good as that of the 5000 series products, so this product is used in the rust-proof layer that is not strictly regulated, such as the large freight car series, the cold storage wood floor level.

3.Magnesium aluminum alloy diamond aluminum plate:

It is produced and processed from aluminum plates of 5000 series such as 5052 or 5083 as raw materials, and has excellent corrosion resistance, strength and rust resistance. Generally used in unique areas, such as ships, car lights, wet and cold natural environments. Where to buy diamond plate aluminum have high strength and have a certain load-bearing work capacity please contact Haomei.

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