Coated aluminum sheet supply

The coated aluminum sheet produced by Haomei Aluminium has grade of 3003 and 3004, the coating has PE and PVDF. Generally speaking, there are five processes in the production of color-coated aluminum coils, namely coil input, cleaning and chemical treatment, painting, curing and finished product output.

coated aluminum sheet

1, Raw material roll input.
This step is the continuous uncoiling of the decoiler to ensure the continuous and stable input of the aluminum coil to the production line. Some adopt a cross-rotating beam-type coil carrier, and some adopt two alternate decoilers set up front and back;
2, Surface cleaning and chemical treatment.
This process is to clean the upper and lower surfaces of the color coated aluminum coil and perform chemical pretreatment to ensure that the paint can adhere firmly;
3, Paint.
There are at least two roller coaters in one production line to ensure the smooth coloring of the top coat and primer coat;
4, The paint layer is cured.
This step means that the strip that has just been painted should be fixed before it touches the next roller surface to avoid mutual adhesion and damage. Generally speaking, it contains at least two curing boxes;
5, The output of finished products ensures that the speed of the production line is synchronized with the transfer of finished products.

Different coated aluminum sheet manufacturers can provide different process standards, and the pursuit of high standards of quality is reflected in every detail of production. From cleaning, pretreatment, painting, drying, etc., all are strictly implemented in accordance with the process standards and production process, and there are strict inspection processes before leaving the factory. Therefore, Haomei Aluminum’s color-coated aluminum sheet can ensure uniform color, high gloss, and no streaks. Even in harsh environments, it can ensure higher strength and weather resistance.

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