Prepainted aluminum coil supplier

Haomei is professional prepainted aluminum coil supplier in China, we produce 3003, 3004 color coated aluminum coil 0.18-1.5mm. The common used coating of painted aluminum coil are PE and PVDF. We also apply color coated and powder coated method in the processing of prepainted aluminum coil. Color-coated aluminum mainly meets the packaging needs of commercial office buildings, high-end hotels, large-scale cultural stadiums, urban rail transit and railway stations in the construction sector, as well as cans in food packaging.

prepainted aluminum coil supplier

Color coated aluminum coil products continue to improve performance requirements in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, antistatic, scratch resistance and wear resistance. The following is a comparison of ordinary fluorocarbon paint with ordinary powder coated:
First: measure the thickness, the fluorocarbon three coating is 40UM, and the powder coating is at least 60UM (generally)
Second: the surface flatness, fluorocarbon is generally paint, the surface flatness is higher, and the leveling is better. The powder coating has poor flatness. That is, the orange peel phenomenon is more obvious.
Third: look at the back of the painted aluminum coil. The back side of the powder-coated work piece has a rough and rough feel in the transition area between spray and non-spray. The paint is relatively good.
Fourth: Test: Lightly rub the back coating with a knife or a 400-mesh sandpaper to make a beveled fault. If there are different colors, it is fluorocarbon.

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