Technology of powder coated aluminum sheets

The quality of powder coated aluminum sheets 3003 and 3004 is primarily concerned with its material and beauty. We are primarily concerned about the thickness, strength, and raw materials of coated aluminum sheet materials. And whether the powder coated aluminum sheet is beautiful, we first look at its appearance processing technology. The appearance of the aluminum sheet powder coated is very important. We all know that the color of the coated aluminum sheet can be multiple choices, and the appearance is very beautiful, so where does the beautiful appearance come from, of course, by painting or powder coated.

powder coated aluminum sheets

In the production process of color coated aluminum sheet, powder coated is a very important link. If the spraying process is not done well, it will affect its beauty. The painting of color coated aluminum sheets are made of internationally renowned high-quality fluorocarbon coatings with a wide range of colors. Customers can directly supply them according to the manufacturer.


The surface treatment of color coated aluminum sheet generally uses two treatment methods: powder coated and roller coating. There are many local similarities between the powder coated aluminum sheet production process and the roller coating production process, but there are significant differences in the painting process. Roller coating uses rollers to spread the paint evenly, while powder coated uses robot spraying, repeat several times to apply the paint evenly. The standard used at home and abroad to measure the function of the fluorocarbon coating on the surface of coated aluminum sheet is the American Building Manufacturers Association AAMA 605.2 standard. The standard is drawn up for the powder coated process. As for the fluorocarbon coating formed by the roller coating process, there is no universal technical standard at home and abroad, because this kind of plate is rarely used. Fluorocarbon powder coated aluminum sheets is first processed into aluminum sheet through a sheet metal processing process, and then PVDF fluorocarbon coating is applied. The roll-coated aluminum sheet is to roll-coat PVDF fluorocarbon coating on the surface of the aluminum sheet through a roll coating process.

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